Brand Management

Brand Management

Brand Management


From logo development to reputation management, Indigo Solutions shines the right light on your team.

- Graphic Design -

- Social Media Management -

- Public Relations -


Brand Management

Brand Management


From traditional marketing to new media, the Indigo team creates powerful and measurable campaigns that are simple, smart, and effective.

- Traditional Advertising -

- Digital Media -

- Seasonal/Annual Campaigns - 


Brand Management



Indigo Solutions prepares sales and operation teams to effectively convert leads into customers.

- Customer-facing Strategies - 

- Sales Coaching and Consulting - 

- Sales Action Plans - 

Other Services

marketing + sales

From conception to implementation and tracking campaigns.

Ensuring sales teams are ready to close and operations are ready to execute.

startups + next level

Whether you are looking to launch a new concept or failing to achieve your goals and expectations, Indigo Solutions can elevate your company to next levels.

operation analysis

Most consultants enter a new relationship with kid gloves - focusing on the strengths. Not the Indigos. We focus on the weaknesses and strengthen them. That is what makes the difference. That is what keeps companies in business.